Nyxia (The Nyxia Triad) - Scott Reintgen

The premise of Nyxia is a few teens are chosen to compete to venture to another planet to mine a powerful substance called Nyxia. Ten are in the program, only eight will be chosen.


I really liked the main characters. They seemed so life like, each one with a different personality type. It was kind of like a game show; the ones with the highest scores win. Emmett, the character whose perspective we follow, has the conflict and personality evolution necessary for a main character. Unfortunately some of my favorite characters died or where cut out of the competition. I hate when this happens because I have to stop reading the book for a few days to process. This was such a fast paced book that had me reading ahead and constantly going back to check each characters scores and compare them to one another. It was a si-fi book that seemed as though the characters where living normal lives until they got chosen. This made it seem more realistic and as though something like it could happen in the future. I really loved Nyxia and am probably going to add it to my favorites.